Gale Force Nine revises Doctor Who: Time of the Daleks

thumbnail As demand for GF9’s Doctor Who: Time of the Daleks has grown so too has the feedback from our partners and buyers around the world. Based on this feedback we have chosen to update our initial offer and present the game in a four-player version instead of the previously announced version.

The four-player version will include the First, Fourth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Doctors. It is the same game as before but players will begin their adventures with four Doctor’s to play as before adding more with game expansions.

The other two Doctor’s from the six-player version, both the Fifth and Tenth Doctors, will now come in their own expansion to give you 5 and 6 players options shortly behind the release of the game.
Our expansion plan beyond this has not changed and we will be bringing all of the other Doctors to the table as well as some Companions and specials in the second half of the year.

The game is at the printers now and due back soon. We are excited to see the result of all our hard work and finally bring this game to market. The game will be packaged in a square 10 inch by 10 inch box and retail for $50 USD.

If you have missed out on seeing how the game works please visit for everything you need to know about how to be a Time Lord and avoid being deleted from time by the Daleks