First up we are taking a closer look at the Fifth Doctor.
Doctor Who Time of the Daleks

“Oh, marvelous. You're going to kill me. What a finely tuned response to the situation..”

The Fifth Doctor was my favorite Doctor growing up. He was so young compared to the other doctors and he had so many companions, three to be exact to start off with. This is where we get the limit on companions you can have in the game, though the Doctor has had more then three at times he never ran with them for very long.  I loved Adric, Nyssa and Tegan and their contrast to each other and the Doctor.   

 Fifth Doctor's Model
Doctor Who Time of the Daleks
 In the Game the Fifth Doctor gets access to three companions right away, as Adric, Nyssa, and Teagan are all linked to each other so in two turns you can have a full set of companions.  The Fifth Doctor also can help you re-roll two dice by discarding a Timey-Wimey card or Sonic Charge token. 
 Fifth Doctor's TARDIS Console
Doctor Who Time of the Daleks
"I tried keeping a diary once. Not chronological, of course, but the trouble with time travel is one never seems to find the time."

The two companions we are showing off today is Nyssa and Adric both Alien companions that can change rolled die symbols. Nyssa is a blue Dice specialist, allowing the Doctor to swap two black dice for two blue dice, re-roll any blue dice and change one blue die to science. Adric gives the Doctor access to swap for any colored dice he may need, though you will have to decide between red and green.  Adric also add a black story die and can change a black die to Cunning. On top of all that if Adric is with the Fifth doctor he gets you more Timey-Wimey cards.