This week we are taking a closer look at the Fourth Doctor.


 “You may be a doctor. But I'm THE Doctor. The definite article, you might say.”

When talking about classic Doctor Who, it’s hard to not talk about Tom Baker, the Fourth Doctor. From his long scarf to his ever ready bag of Jelly Babies, the Fourth Doctor is one of the most iconic Doctors of all time. 
 Fourth Doctor's Model 
Doctor Who Time of the Daleks
The Fourth Doctor has some amazing companions, starting off with Sarah Jane Smith, one of the most Iconic companions of all time. Sarah was fantastic, for me she will always be the companion to whom I compare other companions. Romina is another companion that I loved growing up, the fact that she was a Timelord, or should I say Timelady, was awesome, but I most like the fact that she was incredibly clever and in most cases more clever then the Doctor. 
 Fourth Doctor's TARDIS Console
Doctor Who Time of the Daleks
“Would you care for a Jelly Baby?” 
In the game the Fourth Doctor himself has some great dice control, being able to always re-roll any one of the coloured dice makes him flexible in any of his Adventures.  

The Fourth Doctor starts off with Sarah Jane Smith. Sarah gives you a lot of good green dice options. She also gains you an extra Timey-Wimey card at the start of each turn, though you only get to draw the card if you are with the Third or Fourth Doctors.  

One of the many Timey-Wimey cards in the game is K-9, and I have to say he is one of my favourites. As long as you have a Sonic Charge token to “power” K-9, he can add a die of any colour to your pool.