This week we are taking a closer look at the Daleks.


“I have waited a long time for this. Once the Doctor is exterminated, I shall build a new race of Daleks. They will be even more deadly and I, Davros, shall be their leader! This time we shall triumph. My Daleks shall once more become the supreme beings!”

In Doctor Who: Time of the Daleks, Davros has infiltrated the Matrix on Gallifrey, mapping out the Doctor’s timeline and devising the best way to wipe him from history.
Dalek Markers 

Dalek markers are placed on a Location if a Doctor fails a challenge and making it harder to complete the challenge in future. 
Doctor Who Time of the Daleks
 Davros Marker

The Davros marker is the sixth Dalek marker. Place him last to remind players that all the Dalek markers are in play.
 Doctor Who Time of the Daleks
Exterminate Dice

After discarding down to eight dice, The Doctor must Exterminate (discard) a further die for each Dalek marker at the Doctor’s current Location (regardless of which Time Zone the Dalek marker is in).
As an exception to this, if The Doctor is on Earth, only Daleks in the same Time Zone as The Doctor Exterminate dice from his Dice Pool.
Doctor Who Time of the Daleks
“They cannot escape! Our time machine will soon follow them! They will be exterminated! Exterminated! Exterminated!” 
The Sixth Dalek Marker

The sixth and final Dalek marker is Davros, the creator of the Daleks. Once he has been placed, the Time of the Daleks is at hand.
If you are ever required to place a seventh Dalek marker for any reason, the Time of the Daleks has arrived. The Daleks conquer the universe and the game ends immediately.