This week we are taking a closer look at the K-9 Promo.
Doctor Who Time of the Daleks

“Optimism: belief that everything will work out well. Irrational, bordering on insane.“ - K-9

“Romana, I did it.” the Fourth Doctor proclaimed.
“Did what, Doctor?” Romana lifted her head from her book. 
“I just linked a Time-Vortex Manipulator to K-9’s control circuits. He should now be able to help us well, me… well, all of me as it were.” The Doctor continued to explain, “K-9 can now scan my time-line and travel to points where I will need help the most.”
“That’s brilliant, Doctor!” 
“Well no need to look so surprised, Romana. I am me after all.” 
“Affirmative!” K-9’s Voice started low but became stronger as he fully activated. “All systems are working at peak efficiency, Master. My scans indicate that I am needed to aid your 11th incarnation. I will leave Immediately.” And with that, K-9 shifted out of reality.
                                                                         • • •
“Oh good boy, K-9! Just in time!” The eleventh Doctor didn’t stop running around the crashing TARDIS as he addressed K-9. “Stabilize the Time Couplings as I adjust the Krono-Sphere Factor.” 
“Affirmative, Master.”
 K-9's Model and Card
Doctor Who Time of the Daleks
This K-9 figure is a special promotional expansion that will be added to the first print run of Doctor Who: Time of the Daleks. The expansion includes one K-9 model and a rule card that explains how to use him in your games. Make sure you pre-order your copy of the game now to secure your own K-9 promo.

K-9 adds an interesting element to the game, allowing players to re-roll a single story die each turn. It’s up to the player who had K-9 last to make sure he goes to whichever Doctor most needs his help.