“The universe is big, it's vast and complicated, and ridiculous. And sometimes, very rarely, impossible things just happen and we call them miracles.”
Doctor Who Time of the Daleks

Game Turns
Starting with the earliest regeneration of the Doctor and moving clockwise, each player takes their turn. After each player has their turn the Daleks then have a turn. This process repeats until either: one or more players wins the game, or the Daleks win the game.

Each player’s turn consists of four steps:
1. Prepare
2. Travel
3. Adventure
4. Finish

The Prepare Step

During your Prepare step, you gain Sonic Charge tokens, and may Uninstall Equipment, Install Equipment, and Dismiss Companions.

Sonic Charge Tokens 
At the start of your Prepare step, place two additional Sonic Charge tokens on your TARDIS Console (up to a maximum of five tokens). You must do this before you use any Timey-Wimey or Companion card effects.
 Doctor Who Time of the Daleks
Sonic Charge Token
 Doctor Who Time of the Daleks
Timey-Wimey Cards 
Install Equipment
Discard any unwanted Equipment Timey-Wimey cards from your TARDIS Console, freeing up Equipment slots for other Equipment cards.

Install Equipment
Play Equipment Timey-Wimey cards from your hand into empty Equipment slots on your TARDIS Console. You must pay the Sonic Cost of the Equipment card when you install it on your TARDIS. You do not need to pay the Sonic Cost to use the card after that.

Doctor Who Time of the Daleks
Dismiss Companions
Dismiss any unwanted Companions from your TARDIS Console and shuffle any Dismiss Companions back into their Companion decks.