“Somewhere there's danger, somewhere there's injustice, and somewhere else the tea is getting cold.”
Doctor Who Time of the Daleks
Story Dice

There are six different dice symbols. Black dice have one of each of these symbols.
The Green, Blue and Red dice are more focused than Black dice. Each has fewer symbols on them, but a better probability of getting those symbols, colour of dice you end up using, just as long as you roll the required symbols.  
 Doctor Who Time of the DaleksDoctor Who Time of the Daleks

Determine the Challenge

The combined symbols on the Location and Dilemma set the Challenge that you will need to meet to complete this Adventure.
The colours on the Location and Dilemma tiles are there to give you guidance on which Story Dice are most likely to roll that symbol. It doesn’t matter which 
Example: To complete this Challenge the Doctor needs to roll the following symbols:

 Doctor Who Time of the Daleks

Creating a Dice pool 

You create the Dice Pool by gathering the Story Dice of your Starting Dice Pool, using your Companions to Focus the Doctor’s attention, and then discard any excess dice.
The total of all the Dice Add icons on all your Doctor, Companion, and Equipment  Timey-Wimey cards to find your Starting Dice Pool. 
Dice Add Symbols (Black, Red, Green and Blue)
(These Symbols on the cards indicate how many Story Dice you add of that Colour type.)

You may play Event and Transfer Timey-Wimey cards to get more dice as well. 
Gather the matching Story Dice and place them in the Dice Pool area of your TARDIS Console.
Doctor Who Time of the Daleks Doctor Who Time of the Daleks Doctor Who Time of the Daleks

 Doctor Who Time of the Daleks
 Doctor Who Time of the Daleks Doctor Who Time of the Daleks Doctor Who Time of the Daleks

 Doctor Who Time of the Daleks
Focusing Dice

Each Dice Focus icon on a Companion card allows you to exchange a die of that colour for one of your Black dice. A Dice Focus icon with a split colour gives you a choice of exchanging a die of either colour for a Black die.
Dice Swap Symbols (Red, Green and Blue and a mixed one like Green/Blue)
Doctor Who Time of the Daleks
Example: Looking at the challenge he is facing, The Doctor sees that focussing more on Blue and Red dice would be useful. The Doctor uses Rory Williams to swap in one Black die for a Blue die and Captain Jack to swap in a Black die for a Red die. Both Amy Pond and Captain Jack could exchange a Black die for a further Green or Red die, but the Doctor decides that he has enough of those colours. Then, with nine dice in his Dice Pool, The Doctor then elects to discard a Black die to get down to the eight dice limit. 
Discarding Down to Eight Dice

The Doctor’s Dice Pool is limited to a maximum of eight dice. If, after adding and focussing dice, you find yourself with more then eight dice, you must discard any excess dice.

Exterminating Dice

After discarding down to eight dice, The Doctor must Exterminate (discard) a further die for each Dalek marker at the Doctor’s current Location (regardless of which Time Zone the Dalek marker is in).
As an exception to this, if The Doctor is on Earth, only Daleks in the same Time Zone as The Doctor Exterminate dice from his Dice Pool. 

Doctor Who Time of the Daleks 
The Doctor has been unlucky and there is a Dalek marker at his Location. Having made his dice pool and discarded down to eight dice, he must now reduce his dice pool by one, leaving him seven dice.